What is the Mission of Atlanta Union Mission, a Non-Profit Organization in Georgia?

Atlanta Union Mission is a non-profit organization that has obtained 501(c)() status and is recognized as such. The organization has been providing services to create thriving communities by helping non-profits succeed since 1938. Whether you're a large organization that relies on volunteers, a small organization that needs a few dedicated helpers, or a network of partner organizations, Atlanta Union Mission has a plan to help you reach your goals and fulfill your mission. The mission of Atlanta Union Mission is to provide shelter and assistance to homeless and hungry people who are displaced by the Great Depression. The non-profit organization has been strategically articulating its mission since its inception.

Any unauthorized conversion or use of the organization's assets, such as embezzlement or theft, can have serious consequences for the charity's financial integrity. Here are some key data points from the IRS Business Master File (BMF) for this organization.

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