How to Secure Non-Profit Funding in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you looking to secure funding from a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you must complete the application and have it signed and notarized. Depending on the type of application, you may also need to pay a fee. To find out more information about the process, visit

This website allows organizations to search for and apply electronically for competitive grant opportunities from all federal grant-granting agencies. In order to become a non-profit organization, you must submit a document of incorporation, also known as Articles of Incorporation, to the State Corporate Division of the Secretary of State's office in Georgia. If you need to withdraw your registration as a charitable organization, you must submit a withdrawal form. If you filed an IRS Form 990-N (postcard), you must complete and file the Georgia Form C200 for the applicable tax year. Organizations that intend to apply for a tax exemption with the IRS must include specific text in their organizational documents. Most tax-exempt organizations are recognized as 501 (c) () organizations for their charitable purposes.

All changes to the organization's registration statement must be verified and signed by an authorized executive officer of the organization. Charitable organization registrations in Georgia are valid for twenty-four (2) months from the date they are approved. The Teachers for Georgia program supports educational organizations and programs that focus on recruiting and retaining black male educators. The requirements for each organization depend on several factors, such as the amount of annual gross revenue that the organization receives. State laws generally determine how to create an organization correctly, so the requirements for these documents vary depending on the form of organization and the state of origin. If your organization filed a Form 990-N (postcard), you must complete and submit Georgia's Form C200 for the previous tax year.

If your charitable organization was recently created and has not received charitable contributions, attach a signed statement from an organization official attesting that fact in place of the financial statements.

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